KUP CEO Kang listed on '2000 Outstanding Intellectuals of the 21C'
KUP CEO Kang listed on '2000 Outstanding Intellectuals of the 21C'
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Picked by International Biographical Centre of Cambridge of the UK

Kang Duk-young, chairman and CEO of Korea United Pharm (KUP), has been selected as a world leader in biographical publishing for 2014 edition to join the ranks of 2000 Outstanding Intellectuals of the 21st Century as selected by The International Biographical Centre (IBC) of Cambridge, England, a world leader in biographical publishing.

Founded over forty years ago, IBC is one of three major international Who’s Who that have earned an international reputation for unrivaled scope and integrity.
The other two world renown international Who’s Who include American Biographical Institute and Marquis Who’s Who.

The IBC has thus far published more than 1,000,000 biographies of people of note from all over the world in more than 150 editions of its reference works.
IBC books are housed in libraries, research institutions and private collections all over the world. Entry into its prestigious edition each year is based on merit alone and there is no charge for inclusion.

IBC titles are compiled with the valuable assistance of reputed organizations, societies and individuals from around the world.

As the Oxford English Dictionary defines, an intellectual is a "person possessing a good understanding, an enlightened person.?This principle has been uppermost in the minds of editors of IBC since the 1st edition of the Outstanding Intellectuals series was published.

For a company that started in 1987 with just several pioneering and innovative staff members including Yoon, it's no mean achievement that KUP today commands the largest market capitalization of 150 billion won in the pharma universe with total staff of 650 persons.

Thanks to a strategy that focuses on niche segments such as innovative antineoplastic drugs, antibiotics. lipid-lowering agents and other lifestyle drugs, the company has raced ahead, with its business growing ten-fold between 1987 and now, with revenues of 150 billion won.

When KUP Pharma first started selling its products on a national scale, way back in 1987 as a humble start-up under leadership of Kang who graduated from the Hankuk University of Foreign Studies.

Thanks to a great job done by Kang and his hard-working staff members, KUP has now emerged as the country’s leading pharmaceutical company commanding the lion’s share of the local market.
Today, KUP has more than 200 kinds of pharmaceuticals with full coverage of product lines and export them to over 30 countries around the world. In order to take chances to grow into a worldwide company.

More recently, KUP established a R&D center about 2 hours away from the main city, Seoul, and acquired KGMP (Korea Good Manufacturing Practices) in 1992. With these new facilities, we have been manufacturing high quality products in categories such as OTC (Over-The-Counter) drugs, ethical drugs, supplemental health foods, and house care products and especially discovering innovative antineoplastic drugs, antibiotics, lipid-lowering agents, and so forth.

Under the innovative and creative managerial philosophy of Kang Duk-young, KUP is also studying on novel therapy, gene therapy that will eventually bring revolutionary access to treat various diseases

Kang is proud of his hardworking employees who always endeavor themselves to offer to customers high quality and value, and even to deliver higher profit margins to the retailer.

“We will not stop striving to improve the quality of life of people around the world and help them enjoy longer, healthier, and more productive lives. We, the professionals, are ready to pursue our dream to become the best health care company in the world,” he said.

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