LG opens new cosmetics outlets in Hangzhou
LG opens new cosmetics outlets in Hangzhou
  • Hwi Won
  • 승인 2017.10.23 16:57
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LG Household & Health Care said Monday it has opened three outlets for its top cosmetics brands in the southern Chinese city of Hangzhou.

The outlets specializing in OHUI, belif and VDL, respectively, were launched at Yintai Department Store on Sunday, the company said.

The outlets are the first of their kind to market the three brands in China, although the makeup company operates 182 Whoo stores and 58 Sum shops in China.

The Whoo shops were launched in China in 2006, and the Sum branches opened last year.

"We've decided to launch the new stores in China to diversify and to bolster the competitiveness of our brands in China, which has great potential on a long-term basis," the company said in a press release. "We've witnessed a growing number of Chinese customers reacting favorably to our brands after purchasing them at duty free shops or directly through the Internet."

The new outlets in Hangzhou will soon organize makeup shows performed by makeup artists.

LG said it will also launch a new outlet specializing in the OHUI and VDL brands in Shanghai in November.

A corporate source said, "We are aiming to emerge as a top five luxury cosmetics firm in China within five years."

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