Over 70% of revenue of The Korea Post comes from its Korean-language website. Use it for free!
Over 70% of revenue of The Korea Post comes from its Korean-language website. Use it for free!
  • Lee Kyung-sik
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The English-language monthly magazine, The Korea Post, marks its 33rd anniversary of founding next year, and the company now manages and operates a total of five news media outlets, three in English and two in the Korean language.
It might sound strange to many people, but over 70% of the total income of the company comes from the newly born Korean-language Internet website that is barely two years old, a far cry in terms of money-making from the main English monthly magazine that was born nearly 33 years ago.

Publisher-Chairman Lee Kyung-sik of The Korea Post

Why all this comparison?
Use the Korean-language news media outlets of The Korea Post instead of providing ‘excessive love’ to the English magazine and website that really do not merit such attention compared with its Korean-language brothers at The Korea Post media.
Ambassadors, international business company CEOs and other leaders of the expatriate organizations in Korea might wish their leaders back home to see how well they are doing in Korea, and, thus, they might wish to see their achievements in Korea to be published in the English media which may be more readily accessible to them compared with the Korean-language ones. Perhaps, this is why the English media outlets of The Korea Post media are getting the attention from the expatriates in Korea much more than they actually deserve.
Forget it!
Send your Korean-language news releases to The Korea Post media and tell the editors to publish them in the Korean-language Internet and print editions. This is because, as was mentioned earlier, an incomparably larger number of Koreans can easily access and understand more fully your news releases than the English ones.
So, why waste any more time?
Have your English press releases translated into Korean, and email them to:
edt@koreapsot.com, pub@koreapsot.com or yeskoreapost@gmail.com.
When they are not accommodated in due course of time, call the Publisher at 010-5201-1740 or Ms. Kim Sua at 010-7584-5873.

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