Liquor fusion brings new flavor to Taipan
Liquor fusion brings new flavor to Taipan
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Taipan, Millennium Seoul Hilton’s Chinese restaurant, is pleased to offer two special set menus showcasing Liquor Fusion dishes. For the entire month of June, Taipan guests can delight in fine Chinese cuisine enhanced by aromatic liquors.

The menus will include items such as Drunken Shrimp in Seafood Salad; Braised Sea Cucumber and Scallops with Gao Liang Jiu; Sauteed Abalone with Shao Xing Jiu; Stir-fried Hanwoo with Red Chili with Port Wine; Chilled Apricot Liquor Pudding; and more.

The set menus are priced at KW120,000 and KW145,000 per person.

The following liquors will be used in the Liquor Fusion Dishes: Shao Xing Jiu, a fermented rice wine whose origins date back to dynastic times; Gao Liang Jiu, made from fermented sorghum; a Chinese Port Wine; and Apricot Liquor.

Taipan is renowned for its innovative cuisine that showcases the complex flavors of China with its extensive a la carte selection including seasonal delicacies. Taipan is set in a modern and elegant environment, and has private dining rooms that exemplify bright and undisturbed surroundings.

For reservations or enquiries, please call Taipan at (02) 317-3237. Tax and service charge are already included in the quoted prices.

Lombard cuisine delights at Il Ponte

Il Ponte, Millennium Seoul Hilton’s popular Italian trattoria, will host a month-long promotion celebrating the cuisine of Lombardy. For the entire month of June, diners will be able to take a gastronomic journey to Lombardy in addition to Il Ponte’s always-popular menu.

Lombardy, whose capital is Milan, is located in northern Italy. Its cuisine is varied owing to the diverse terrain. Risotto, usually made with saffron, and polenta are commonly used, as are peppers, potatoes and pumpkin. Butter and cream sauces prevail over tomato and olive oil varieties. The cuisine is rich and delicious.

For this salute to Lombardy, Chef Anita Bidini will introduce signature dishes native to the area including Pumpkin Cream Soup with Parmesan Cheese, Buck Wheat Fettuccine with Potato, Sea Bass with carrot on Sauted Spinach and Red Wine Sabaion with Walnut Ice Cream. The dishes will be composed as part of a five-course menu priced at KW87,000 per person.

Also at Il Ponte, every Saturday and Sunday at lunchtime (11:30 a.m. ? 2:30 p.m.), your children, the chefs of the future, are invited to explore their culinary and creative talents by making their own pizza! Our Chef will then bake your child’s masterpiece to simmering perfection!

Il Ponte features the finest Italian cuisine from tempting pasta and wood-fired brick oven pizza to mouthwatering regional dishes. Il Ponte also has an extensive choice of exquisite Italian and international wines.

For reservations or enquiries, please call Il Ponte at (02) 317-3270. Tax and service charge is already included in the quoted price.

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