“We will compete with highest global quality”
“We will compete with highest global quality”
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OBC CEO In-soo Chang vows at press conference

- Will further improve production quality management capabilities to top, global standards -

Oriental Brewery Company (OBC) plans to invest some 120 billion won (US$116 million) to newly expand its quality and technology capacities. Safety and environment upgrades will be implemented to its plants located in Gwangju, Icheon and Cheongwon to meet global standards. This was disclosed by CEO In-soo Chang of OBC at a press conference today (Sept. 16, 2014) where he announced ‘quality as no.1 priority’ as the company’s new management philosophy.

CEO Chang said: “Leveraging the reunion with AB InBev, the world’s no.1

beer company, we are placing our best efforts towards bringing our production quality management capabilities to top, global level.” Then he noted, “As we have become a part of a global company, we will aim to become a company recognized first and foremost for ‘quality’. We are excited about taking this next step to providing world-class quality beers to our customers.”

Chang, in his first public appearance since the reunion announcement with AB InBev in April, stated: “We have already begun the implementation of AB InBev’s global VPO program which is widely known as being most strict and intricate. As such OB products such as Cass and OB Golden Lager will be made under the same quality standard as the world’s top brands such as ‘Hoegaarden’, ‘Budweiser’, and ‘Beck’s’. More importantly, we are strongly committed to providing our customers with the highest quality product which is our no.1 priority.”

Furthermore, Chang plans to disclose detailed information of ingredients in the beer via each brand’s official website as well as pursue a ‘real-name’ disclosure program which will imprint the product inspector’s name on the package.

In addition, following the Chungwon plant having received the HACCP approval for the first time in the beer industry in December last year, OBC plans to also obtain HACCP approval for its other two locations in Icheon and Gwangju.

In addition to quality innovation, Chang also plans to introduce a win-win program of providing brewing technology education to microbreweries, future beer pub owners, and home brewing communities by inviting AB InBev’s globally renowned brewmasters. AB InBev holds over 600 years of brewing history as well as the world’s best brewing technology. The program is to help expand the base of the Korean beer industry as well as bring up quality competitiveness.

Chang, widely known by his nickname ‘high school graduate sales legend’, joined OBC as the head of sales in January of 2010 and is highly regarded for his contribution to OBC reclaiming its no.1 spot through ‘uphold freshness’ sales strategy involving reducing of distribution inventory in order to induce speedy circulation.

Chang added, “I believe ‘quality’ is what gives meaning to products; without quality, marketing or sales strategy cannot be effective. Thus far, I have been evaluated as a salesperson but now, my next goal is to be seen as a manager who has succeeded in quality management. It is my commitment to make sure that consumers love and trust our products because it is of highest quality.”

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