‘Chairman Kim Jong-Un might attend the Inter-Korean Historical-Cultutural Heritage Exhibition in October this year’
‘Chairman Kim Jong-Un might attend the Inter-Korean Historical-Cultutural Heritage Exhibition in October this year’
  • Kim Hyung-dae
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Hints an MUK official at a meeting with reporters

By COO Kim Hyung-dae, chief editorial writer

Exhibition Management Manager Chung Myung-hee at the National Museum of Korea in Seoul said, “We have the Inter-Korean Historical-Culutural Heritage Exhibition scheduled to start in October this year for a 3-month run at the National Museum of Korea in Yongsan District, Seoul, in commemoration of the 1100th anniversary of the founding of the Goryo Dynasty.”

Coo Kim Hyung-dae of The Korea Post

Chung made the disclosure at a meeting with reporters at the Museum Thursday (Sept. 27, 2018), and added, “The opening ceremony of the Exhibition may be attended by President Moon Jae-in of the Republic of Korea together with Chairman Kim Jong-Un of North Korea.”

President Moon Jae-in (left) and Chairman Kim Jong Un of North Korea

It is the first-ever grand exhibition also known as “The Great Goryeo and its Brilliant Cultural Challenge” ever staged in Korea since the Liberation of the Korean peninsula on Aug. 15, 1945, from the Occupation of Japan which started in 1910.

Wanggeon statue (North Korea)

To be put on display will be a total of over 390 rare cultural properties presented by a total of 43 major cultural and art museums from a total of 31 organizations from Korea and 12 others from five different countries of the world—the United States, Great Britain, Italy, China and Japan.
It will be the largest such exhibition ever staged in Korea where the visitors can witness the Goryo cultural-artistic legacies exhibited from all parts of the world.
The purposes of exhibition are:

Incense Burner with Lion-shaped Cover (National Treasure No. 60)

A synthetical study of Goryeo art that has created an open and original culture in a rapidly changing international situation, to celebrate the 1100th anniversary of the founding of Goryeo Dynasty (918-1392).
An Introduce of the lesser known religion, culture, foreign relations and distributions of Goryeo, which is the derivation of the name KOREA.
A review of the importance of Goryeo culture in the modern society, which shows a high religious spirit, sophisticated artistry and creativity.
A highlight to the Tripitaka Koreana, a symbol of Goryeo’s overcoming of crisis and the in-domitable spirit.

Ewer and Basin (Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, USA)

The themes of the exhibition include:

The outcome of the convergence, tolerance and integration, made by the unified dynasty and influenced the art culture.
A rediscovery of the medieval dynasty lasted for 475 years, which left unnoticed traditions in Korea.
A study of the challenging process of building and developing an identity of Korean culture, by the acceptance of new cultures through the inter-relations with Northeast Asian coun-tries.

Gilt-silver Wine Cup with Stand
Bronze Kundika (National Treasure No. 92)
Trefoil-shaped Covered Box (The Metropolitan Museum of Art, USA)
Melon-shaped Bottle (National Treasure No. 94)
Mongolian Noguldae
Prunus Vase (Treasure No. 1784)
Bronze Mirror with Inscription

Imperii Sinarum Nova Descriptio

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