U Education mulls foreign language teaching in Russia, Vietnam
U Education mulls foreign language teaching in Russia, Vietnam
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U Education Corporation is gaining prominence as an institution for education of foreign languages. U Education, which has a total of about 180 TESOL (teaching English to speakers of other languages) instructors on its payroll, and offers telephone English, Chinese, and Japanese programs. Online English programs are also available, enabling students to receive language training from teachers every day on fixed times.

In addition to providing services to large Korean companies, elementary schools and private teaching institutions, U Education offers telephone English programs to Chinese enterprises. In total, U Education makes available one- to-one foreign language education for roughly 6,000 students in and out of Korea.
Among them are big Korean firms, Beijing Second Foreign Language University, The-K Teachiworld of Korea Teachers' Credit Union, English Moumou and Suwon Municipal Administration.
Also services are available for Hoseo University Academic-Industry Foundation, Joong-Ang Ilbo and primary schools. U Education also operates a global leadership program at State University of New York Korea.
With the demand for exploration of overseas markets and numbers of overseas ventures rising, company employees are required to demonstrate proficiency in foreign language. Many of them attend private teaching institutions for foreign language studies, but their investment of time and expenses are considered enormous.

U Education is a company which tries to resolve the woes of company employees and students. The company assigns foreign teachers to those wanting to get one-to-one conversation training online.
Students and their parents reacted favorably to the effects of U Education programs. A company employee, who was registered with a U Education program on the advice of a friend, said, "I was able to find out about the incorrect parts of my English conversation and writings after examining the MP3 files of classwork." A parent of a primary school student said: “My child became familiar with his classwork as he took advantage of a one-to-one program." She expressed thanks to the son's teacher for his effective teaching method.
Jung Won-seok, CEO of U Education, said," I think that the telephone and online English conversation programs that make the most of one-to-one conversation, is the most effective learning formula. This was demonstrated by feedback from students who attended our classes."
He stressed that Korean parents tend to spend a great deal of money on the teaching of their children in foreign countries, due to their educational enthusiasm. He hoped that U Education can provide those in Russia, Vietnam and Japan with Korea's superb foreign language teaching system based on the advanced information technology.
Currently, U Education provides conversation service to several big companies in Korea. It also provides contents to the "English God" program of the leading daily, Joong-Ang Ilbo. In particular, the company is highly ranked in the evaluation of satisfaction levels of class studies than the famous Korean firm, Y.

Of the popularity of U Education, CEO Jung noted that the company has a pool of about 180 highly competitive teachers. He stressed that the company is unrivaled in the management of its internet and telephone networks. "Our management efforts cannot be copied easily by other companies in Korea," he said. .
U Education's main services are BtoB telephone English, online English conversation programs and English camps in and out of Korea (
http://megacamp.co.kr for overseas camps). In addition, the company conducts trial tests for TOEIC and OPIC, online mobile classes, electronic library (stacked with nearly 400 electronic books and tests), voice recognition training app (Speaking Wizard) and online Chinese conversation.

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