Complimentary post-warranty check for Porsche Vehicles
Complimentary post-warranty check for Porsche Vehicles
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During 2015 Porsche Refresh Campaign Seoul on Feb. 4-28

Porsche Korea introduces the 2015 Porsche Refresh Campaign, which will be held on Feb. 4-28 this year at all authorized Porsche Centre Workshops in Korea.
The Porsche Refresh Campaign is an opportunity for all Porsche customers whose car warranty has expired and wish to maintain their cars in factory-specified conditions. It is targeted at customers who have vehicle which was registered before Feb. 3, 2011.

During the Porsche Refresh Campaign, customers who participate in the complimentary post-warranty check, can take advantage of inspection through PIWIS free of charge and a special 15% cost savings on Porsche genuine spare parts as well as 10% savings on related labor rate (Excluded auto repair insurance). Moreover, Porsche Approved Pre-owned Warranty including 24-hour Roadside Assistance is offered at a special price savings of 10%.
“Our certified Porsche technicians will perform thorough, high-quality and highly reliable vehicle check using PIWIS (Porsche Integrated Workshop Information System) tester,” says Porsche spokesman in Seoul.
The Porsche Refresh Campaign focuses on improving vehicle performance, durability and safety, he said. This service campaign is a value-added commitment to customers of Porsche ensuring that they will be able to enjoy their Porsche driving experience to the fullest knowing that their vehicles are performing at its optimum.
More information, call Ms. Connie Kwon 02-788-7309 / 010-8867-9166. (By Linda Yoon)

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