Independence Day message of the President, Prime Minister, Foreign Minister and the State Minister for Foreign Affairs
Independence Day message of the President, Prime Minister, Foreign Minister and the State Minister for Foreign Affairs
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Message by President Md. Abdul Hamid:

Work to expedite overall development and democratic advancement of Bangladesh

On the eve of our great Independence and National Day, I extend my heartfelt greetings and felicitations to the fellow countrymen living at home and abroad.
The great Independence Day is a glorious one in our national life. On this historic day, I recall with profound respect Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman who proclaimed country’s independence on March 26, 1971 after inspiring the whole nation with Bangalee nationalism and preparing them for independence for over two decades facing various ups and downs. Under his leadership, we achieved our long-cherished independence through a nine-month long armed struggle and manifold forbearance and patience. Today, I recall with deep gratitude the heroic martyrs who made supreme sacrifices in the war of liberation for achieving our independence. I also recall with deep reverence our four National Leaders; valiant freedom-fighters, organizers, supporters and people from all walks of life for their unmatched contributions and courageous role that accelerated the process of our victory. The contributions of those valiant sons would be written in golden letters in the history of our independence forever.
One of the prime objectives of our hard-earned independence was to build a happy and prosperous Bangladesh. Keeping that in mind, the Government is making untiring efforts in materializing the objectives of independence. In the meantime, we have achieved some significant progress in the fields of agriculture, education, health, rural infrastructure, communication, energy and power, trade & commerce, ICT, SME sectors. It is notable that country has attained food-sufficiency owing to huge development in agriculture. We have also been able to export food grains in a small scale. The pace of advancement in the sector of youth & sports, women and children along with empowerment of women is continuing. Maternal and child mortality rate has been reduced and life expectancy rate has simultaneously been raised. At the same time we have also attained remarkable development in private sector including the area of readymade garments, pharmaceuticals, ceramic and ship-building industry. Country’s financial sector along with Bank and Insurances has been expanded. Bangladesh is now being branded as a role model of development in the outside world. Our achievement in international arena is also commendable. Bangladeshi Peacekeepers, under the auspices of the United Nations, have brightened the country’s image abroad presenting their professionalism and competence. Our expatriate Bangladeshis have also been making significant contributions to our national economy through sending their hard-earned remittances. Nevertheless, we have to go a long way for achieving the desired goals of independence. I believe that sincere and concerted efforts from all strata irrespective of party affiliation area imperative to reach the goals.
The people of our country are democratic and peace loving. They do not support violence including militancy and terrorism. We should keep in mind that the overall development of the country would not be attained without functioning and institutionalizing democracy. Continuous practice for democratic norms and values, maintaining tolerance and fortitude and showing mutual respect are the preconditions for thriving democracy. Therefore, we have to maintain patience, self-restraint, forbearance along with showing respect to others’ opinion in a democratic pluralism. Let us make our JatiyaSangsad (Parliament) a centre of discussion to resolve all national issues. I am confident that everyone would play one’s responsible role from respective position in fulfilling the desired goals of independence and hopes and aspirations of our people. The Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman cherished a dream of transforming Bangladesh into Sonar Bangla. The present Government has taken up a ‘Vision 2021’ for materializing the dream into reality. It is my expectation that people from all strata would contribute to build an IT-based happy and prosperous Bangladesh through implementing the vision by the golden jubilee celebration of our independence.
On this auspicious day of independence I urge all, living at home and abroad, to work unitedly imbued with the spirit of war of liberation to expedite overall development and democratic advancement of the country.
Khoda Hafez, May Bangladesh Live Forever.

▲President Md. Abdul Hamid

Message by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina:

'Let us come and build Sonar Bangla as was dreamt by the Father of the Nation'

I convey my heartiest greetings to my countrymen as well as to expatriate Bangalees on the occasion of the great Independence and National Day o Bangladesh.
The 26th March is the day of earning self-identity; it is a day of breaking the shackles of subjugation. On this auspicious occasion of the Independence day, I pay my deep homage to the greatest Bangalee of all time, Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, under whose dynamic leadership we earned our great independence.
I recall with deep gratitude the 3 million martyrs and 200 thousand women who lost their innocence in the war of Liberation in 1971. We earned our desired victory through their supreme sacrifices.
I also pay my humble tributes to four national leaders who led the liberation war. I pay my respect to the valiant freedom fighters, including the war wounded ones. I extend my sympathies to those who had lost their near and dear ones, and were subjected to brutal torture. I recall with gratitude our foreign friends who had extended their whole-hearted support and cooperation to our liberation war.
The Pakistani occupation forces started killing innocent and unarmed Bangalees launching sudden attack on the black night of the 25th March, 1971.The Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman proclaimed the independence of Bangladesh at the early hours of the 26th March. Bangabandhu’s proclamation was spread all over the country through telegrams, tele-printers and the wireless of the then EPR. The proclamation was also circulated in international media.
Earlier on the 7th of March at SuhrawardyUdyan, Bangabandhu made a fervent call for waging independence struggle. He declared: “this time the struggle is for our freedom; this time the struggle is for independence.” He directed the Bangalee nation to resist the enemy. The ultimate victory was earned on the 16th December after 9-month bloody war carried out under the directives of Bangabandhu.
The independence earned through the sacrifice of millions of people is the greatest achievement of Bangalee nation. To make the achievement meaningful, all would have to know the true history of the liberation war, retain the spirit of the independence. It would have to be spread from generation to generations.
Bangladesh Awami League whenever came to power remained devoted to take the country forward with the spirit of independence and freedom fight. During the last six years, we implemented huge development works in all sectors, including agriculture, education, health, communication, energy and power, ICT, urban and rural development, human resource, social safety-net and women empowerment. As a result, peoples purchasing power, per capita income, forex reserve, export, FDI and employment opportunity have multiplied manifold. Bangladesh has turned into a role-model for development. Various nations and world bodies have lauded and recognized our achievements.
The trial of the war criminals is going on and the verdicts are being executed. The conspiracy of the anti-liberation communal and anti-democratic forces is continuing to frustrate the war crimes trial, democratic process and development spree. The BNP-Jamaat hoodlums are carrying out subversive activities in 71-style. They are killing people by hurling petrol bombs. On this auspicious day, I urge the countrymen to face unitedly any ill-attempt against independence, democracy and anti-country activities.
We are committed to reaching the fruits of our independence at each home. Our target is to turn Banladesh into a middle-income country by 2021 and a developed one by 2041. We have relentlessly been working to realize the target.
I hope that every Bangalee being imbued with the mantra of patriotism would engage themselves from their respective positions and with the highest sincerity, dedication and honesty to turn Bangladesh into a peaceful, non-communal and middle-income country at the Golden Jubilee of our independence. Bangladesh would be established as a dignified nation in the comity of nations.
Let us come and build Sonar Bangla as dreamt by the Father of the Nation. This is our vow on this great day.
Joi Bangla, JoiBangabandhu
May Bangladesh Live Forever.

▲Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina


Message by Minister of Foreign Affairs Abul Hassan Mahmood Ali, MP

Today Bangladesh is marching ahead in great strides under Hon. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina

On the occasion of the 44th anniversary of the Independence and National Day, I convey my heartfelt greetings and felicitations to my compatriots living at home and abroad. On this memorable day, I recall with profound respect the greatest Bangalee of all time and Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, who proclaimed independence in the early hours of March 26, 1971. Responding to his clarion call, people from all walks of life participated in the War of Liberation and achieved victory on the 16 December, 1971.
On this day, I pay my deep homage to the three million martyrs who laid down their lives in the War of Liberation in 1971 as well as those who received severe injuries in the battle field. I also remember the quarter of a million mothers and sisters who sacrificed their honour and dignity in the cause of our freedom.
It all began with the assertion of our national identity in the face of systematic denial, discrimination and deprivation of an identity rooted in a millennia-old heritage of language, culture and customs. It evolved through the shaping of political demand for inclusion and equal access to opportunities, against all forms of exploitation of the Bangalee people. It was crystallized into the 6-point programme of action put forward by Bangabandhu for the emancipation of our people. Then landslide victory of the Awami League in the general elections of December 1970 and the Pakistani military government’s refusal to hand over power led to the non-co-operation movement culminating in the declaration of independence by Bangabandhu. After the tragic events of 15 August 1975, when Bangabandhu was killed along with most members of his family, Bangladesh lapsed into a long period of military dictatorships and the people under the leadership of Sheikh Hasina had to wage another battle for the restoration of democracy.
After the restoration of democracy, Sheikh Hasina was elected as Prime Minister in 1996. She started from where Bangabandhu had left, and once again the country was restored to a place of honour among the comity of nations. During her first term (1996-2001), Bangladesh witnessed remarkable progress at home and earned global recognition as well. Following her landslide victory in the December 2008 elections, Bangladesh made major strides during the second term (2009-2013) especially in the social sector such as reduction of maternity and child mortality rate, revolution in the education sector particularly at the primary level, empowerment of women, development of infrastructure and power generation. The impressive performance of the present Government helped earn international recognition and Bangladesh has been acclaimed as a role model for her successes. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s tremendous success for the improvement of the lives of the common people led to the re-election of Awami League and its alliance on 5 January 2014.
Hon’ble Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has set forth a vision of a middle-income, technologically advanced and knowledge based Bangladesh by 2021 which we expect to attain even before the target date. She has also put forth a vision for 2041 when Bangladesh will take its place in the world stage as a developed country. On the international front, we have demonstrated our ability to forge partnerships with our neighbors and beyond. We are deeply involved in the process of multilateralism, through global and regional commitments. But the defeated anti-liberation, communal and reactionary forces are engaged in destabilizing the democratic, non-communal and non-confrontational ethos of the country and impending the development process. The government remains pledge-bound to bring to justice all the crimes committed against humanity during the War of Liberation in 1971 and to end the culture of impunity. The international community has extended their full support and cooperation for this just cause.
You are perhaps aware that Bangladesh won a record number of elections in the UN and other international organizations in quick succession in 2014. The notably victories of Bangladesh include the Memberships of the UNICEF Executive Board for the term 2015-2017, the UN Human Rights Council for the term 2015-2017, the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) for the term 2015-2017, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) Council for the term 2015-2018. Bangladesh candidacy was also successful in becoming Chairperson of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA), President of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU), Director General of the International Mobile Satellite Organization (IMSO), President of the High-level Committee of South ?South Cooperation and Deputy Member of the Governing Body of the International Labour Organization (ILO)
On this very day, I take this opportunity to thank all the officers and staff at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Bangladesh Missions abroad who have devoted themselves to achieving our foreign policy objectives. I also congratulate the Bangladesh Diaspora who have contributed greatly to the buoyancy of the economy of their motherland as well as to further development of their host countries.
Today, Bangladesh is marching ahead in great strides in all fields under the leadership of our dear leader, Bangabandhu’s daughter, Hon’ble Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. On this great Day, I urge all to work unitedly imbued with the spirit of the War of Liberation to expedite our economic development, self-reliance and democratic advancement of the country for the realization of Bangabandhu’s dream of Sonar Bangla (Golden Bengal) in a ‘Digital Bangladesh’.
Joi Bangla!

▲Foreign Minister Abul Hassan Mahmood Ali, MP


Message by the State Minister Md. Shahriar Alam, MP

Turn Bangladesh into a 'Sonar Bangla' as envisioned by the Father of the Nation

We celebrate the 44th glorious independence of Bangladesh today. On this day, Bangladesh woke up to the horrendous genocide unknown to the Bangalees. This darkest episode in our history turns into a full-fledged people’s war which helped us become a sovereign country. The heroic struggles of our freedom fighters against the enemy, their sacrifices and their ultimate success in defeating the enemies make us hold our heads high.
On this solemn day, I recall with deep respect the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman who led the great war of independence in 1971. I pay my deep homage to the martyrs who made supreme sacrifices to liberate the country. I also recall the brave women who sacrificed their honour only to see the country free from subjugation. I also recall with deep respect our four National Leaders who had a great role in our epic struggle. The contribution of those valiant freedom fighters of the soil would be borne in the minds of the people of Bangladesh forever. On this heroic occasion, I express my heartfelt felicitations and greetings to my compatriots living at home and abroad.
Cherishing the true history of the liberation war, the present government has made giant strides to achieve the objective of a change which will make Bangabandhu’s ‘Sonar Bangla’, the golden Bengal, a reality. Under the dynamic leadership of the Hon’ble Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, we aim at a middle-income, digital, knowledge-based Bangladesh by 2021.
Bangladesh remains committed to bring to end to the culture of impunity and establish the rule of law. The present government will bring all perpetrators to justice who committed crimes against humanity. No one can deviate us from the onerous task as people have given us the mandate.
At the international front, Bangladesh follows the foreign policy principle “Friendship to all and malice towards none” as outlined by the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. In line with that, Bangladesh has been playing a constructive role in promoting international peace and stability. Ministry remains deeply focused on sub-regional, regional and international issues apart from its bilateral engagements.
I express my appreciation to the expatriate Bangladesh nationals who are continuously contributing to building an economically viable Bangladesh. I also congratulate the officers and officials working at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and at Bangladesh Missions abroad for their dedicated services to implement the foreign policy priorities of the government. On this great occasion, I urge all to work unitedly to turn Bangladesh into a ‘Sonar Bangla’ as envisioned by the Father of the Nation and achieve middle income country status by 2021 as well as an advanced country by 2041 as set out by Hon’ble Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.
Joy Bangla, Joy Bangabandhu

▲the State Minister for Foreign Affairs Shahriar Alam, MP

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