The Korea Post organizes local tours for the ambassadors
The Korea Post organizes local tours for the ambassadors
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For the past 34 years of its existence, The Korea Post has been organizing tours for the ambassadors and their spouses, sometimes other senior diplomats also.

These tours for the diplomats have many advantages for both the Korean hosts and also for the diplomats attending them. The Korean hosts are mostly local governors and mayors and sometimes leaders of big business organizations.

The Korea Post local tours for the diplomats provide the participants with a rare opportunity to be fully exposed to the ‘real’ Korean culture and customs outside Seoul and other cities that are becoming more and more cosmopolitan and international. “In the countryside, we meet ‘real’ Koreans who are much more hospitable and kind-hearted compared with those in Seoul and other big cities,” confess many diplomats who take part in the local tours organized by The Korea Post media.

However, there is one thing that an organizer of diplomat tours must bear in mind.
They should make sure that the host knows how to properly accommodate the diplomats, especially the ambassadors and madams. The host must be reminded that the ambassadors in Korea are comparable to the Heads of Government of the countries invited and that they must be accommodated and treated as such.

The Korea Post refuses to accept an offer from the local governments for the diplomat tour when the invitation does not properly meet the requirements of diplomatic protocol.
The requirement is at least 28-seat super-deluxe limousine buses and accommodation at a five-star-class hotel.

In return for the proper accommodation by the host, The Korea Post offers an appropriate apace for the coverage of the diplomat tour good to the ambassadors and also to host—through the use of all five media outlets of The Korea Post, 3 in English and 2 in Korean, including (English) and (Korean).

Each page is officially priced at 6,370,000 Korean won or US$6,316.00. We normally allocate five to ten pages for each tour, which totals in value US$63,160 when 10 pages are allocated.
For that amount of money, the host should, naturally, offer proper accommodation for the visiting ambassadors!

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