Cheongsong County provides best tourist attractions with clean nature, infrastructure
Cheongsong County provides best tourist attractions with clean nature, infrastructure
  • Kim Hyeong-dea
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Including an overnight stay program

With a number of high mountains covered by dense pine forest, the most clean air and clear waters, Cheongsong County is recognized as a premium clean region.

Commercializing such clean air, splendid natural landscape and tourism attractions, the County government is concentrating efforts on attracting tourists.

More than two dozens of geological attractions in the County were designated as Global Geoparks by the UNESCO. And it won a number of awards for eco-friendly agricultural products, including apple. It produces juicy and sweet apples in clean mountainous farms at 250 meters above sea-level with ideal temperature and rich sunlight.

“Breathing fresh and clean air is a basic desire of people and essential element for survival for modern people whose daily life and health are threatened by fine dusts and pollution”, said Governor Yun Gyeong-hee of Cheongsong County. “We are adopting tourism marketing strategy with the concept of naturalism to provide comfortable rest and placid happiness by leveraging uniquely clean air and spectacular natural landscapes”. Under the strategy, the municipal government created a new brand, ‘Oxygen Café Cheongsong-gun’, and is actively promoting it.

Governor Yun continued, “An impressive brand that is clearly recognized by others will help us achieve sustainable development. We created the new brand as we saw necessity of specifically demonstrating the clean image of the region. We are confident that we will be able to achieve the goal when we successfully build the image of clean nature while enhancing favorable impression and awareness by aggressively promoting the brand of Oxygen Café Cheongsong-gun.”

While its tourists grew to 5 million a year with outstanding natural conditions to have been designated as an international slow city and UNESCO Global Geoparks, the County authority is building a 27-hole golf course as part of its effort to expand infrastructure for overnight-stay tour. It also aims to construct a modern library in the Cheongsong Recreation Forest, guest houses with books, and a housing complex in the forest. These eco-friendly facilities are designed to provide exhausted urban tourists with opportunities of physically and mentally curing and recharging experience helping them to return to works with energy.

Unlike other local autonomous governments that vie to offer simply gorgeous eye-pleasing tourism contents, the Cheongsong County government intends to attract more tourists by making a paradigm shift of providing chances of experiencing the refreshing nature to the public who lost interest in eye-pleasing tourism contents. “Despite various and rich attractions, such as Juwangsan National Park, Dalgi Mineral Spring, and Cheongsong Apple Festival, the County has remained to be a passing-by destination, without staying overnights. Now, we are committed to generate added values by developing overnight-stay tourism destination where tourists will stay for more than one night through construction of a golf club house, and expansion of accommodation facilities,” added the Governor.

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