Chuseok gift hampers at Millennium seoul hilton
Chuseok gift hampers at Millennium seoul hilton
  • Son Da-som
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In time for Korea’s Chuseok holiday, which marks gift-giving season in Korean culture, Millennium Seoul Hilton is offering beautiful gift hampers with premium curated items. The hampers will be on sale from Monday, August 19 to Wednesday, September 11.

Millennium Seoul Hilton gift hampers are renowned for their high quality items. They are ideal gifts for family members and work associates, and anyone else you want to show appreciation to or impress.

The Premium Beef Hamper (KW350,000-970,000) offers premium grade marbling Hanwoo 1++ steaks or US prime ribs. The yellow corvina sets range from KW360,000 to KW480,000 and feature plump fish laden with roe, delicacies that were once reserved for the king’s table in the Joseon Dynasty.

There are several wine sets available including a Sommelier top choice 2-bottle set which includes Brunello di Montalcino Banfi for KW338,000. Other wine sets include Silver Ghost Special Edition (KW75,000), assorted deli & wine hamper sets ranging from KW276,000 to 378,000.

Giving staycations as Chuseok gifts has become trendy, and Millennium Seoul Hilton offers a variety of room packages ranging from KW350,000 to KW500,000.

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