A big crowd of 15,000 visitors attests to the popularity of Absolut Home as it becomes the new playground for grown-ups
A big crowd of 15,000 visitors attests to the popularity of Absolut Home as it becomes the new playground for grown-ups
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Absolut Home offered a variety of enticing events such as brand introductions, unique spaces created through collaboration with artists, hands-on classes, and busking performances.

Absolut Home, which opened in Seongsu-dong, Seoul, on July 7th, became the talk of the town as the new playground for grown-ups.  

Absolut Home is a pop-up store created at S Factory in Seongsu-dong from the premium vodka Absolut, one of the flagship brands of Pernod Ricard Korea. As we speak, a total of 15,000 visitors, an average of 600 visitors per day, came to express their continuous interest in the event. 

Absolut Home is a hands-on exhibition space where people can experience the sense of harmony that has been at the very heart of Absolut’s brand heritage as its manufacturing principle and brand philosophy. Visitors regarded it highly for the gratification it provided to their senses. A whole range of spaces allowed for a fully inviting experience as visitors roam the rooms created through a collaboration with artists, raise their glasses for cocktail tasting, take classes, and much more. 

The living and gaming rooms created in collaboration with the well-known artists Yoyojin and Yeojun Yoon were buzzing with excitement before the event even opened. Such spaces are the subject of great interest and a sizeable series of photos and comments alongside social media. 

Artist Yoyojin
Artist Yoyojin

Artist Yoyojin who created a living room in a contemporary way using his own unique drawing technique and colors commented, “I was delighted as I worked with Absolut Vodka which had collaborated with Andy Warhol and Keith Haring, my favorite artists. I hope that the colors and drawings that fill the space can communicate the lively vibe to a great many people.”

The gaming room created by neon sign artist Yeojun Yoon displays the diverse flavors and colors of Absolut through the use of neon graphics. He noted, “I hope people never miss out on these spaces, where everyone harmonizes together transcending generations through the collaboration between the brand and art.”

Artist Yeojun Yoon
Artist Yeojun Yoon

Absolut Home has unveiled a limited-edition t-shirt created through a collaboration between Absolut and street fashion brand Nerdy. What’s more, people could enjoy virtual content that visualizes the diverse flavors of Absolut in a media art space built in collaboration with a media art group ‘dot.mill.’ A variety of programs were also prepared to provide consumers with a distinctive experience such as creating a terrace together with the outdoor brand, Minimal Works, busking performances every Saturday, and participatory classes.  

Visitors had the following to say: “I experienced the space created by my favorite artist and it looked like a work of art,” “The space was so hip that I was able to take a picture of the day,” “I personally like Absolut as a base for mixed drinks. I had such a good time with diverse exhibitions and experiences,” and “There are many pop-up stores in Seongsu-dong, but this is the place where you can experience the brand in the most artistic and hip way.”

Miguel Pascual, Marketing Director of Pernod Ricard Korea commented “Absolut Home is not just designed to introduce a brand, but it is a space where everyone can harmonize through art and culture. Like the Absolut Home, we hold events that truly express the DNA of our portfolio of genuine brands. We look forward to receiving the same great interest from our target consumers for the coming events. Stay tuned!”

페르노리카코리아(Pernod Ricard Korea) 페르노리카코리아(Pernod Ricard Korea)


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